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Shakti Yoga owner, Brette Scott and teacher, Lisa Acheson have collaborated for a new (ad)venture to offer destination yoga retreats designed to nourish your body, mind, and spirit. These retreats will take you to a place free from everyday distractions so that you can let go and dive in–facilitating transformation and renewal of your entire well-being.

Retreat and Renew: A Quest for the Good Life

January 12-19, 2019 • Puerto Vallarta • Lisa Acheson & Brette Scott

Retreat and renew on a quest of simple pleasures through good yoga, food, and company to inspire possibility, connection, and meaning in your life. Join us for daily yoga asana classes, explore the beautiful land and sea, and allow yourself the time to reconnect to the joy in your life. Return home refreshed and grounded in simplicity to live a good life in 2019.

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