Yoga Lab July 28

Need a good summer house cleaning? Remove the grime, release tension and polish yourself. Brette will teach a select set of postures aimed at releasing hip tension and opening the chest Friday, July 28 at 6pm. The practice will set us up for a clearing pranayama sequence to end the evening. Register at

Summer Camp June 20-23

Dear Potential Camper, I am excited to offer Shakti’s first ever Summer Camp—June 20-23, 2-5pm. I am planning four fun-filled and challenging classes, each with a different focus. The sequences will be creative and effective and I will offer lots of “how to’s” and refinements. With long sessions we will be able to go places we often can’t get to in weekly classes. Join me for one class or all four. Come, roll up your sleeves and inspire your practice! … Read More

Douglas Brooks Registration Open!

Hindu myth tells us that the forest is a place of both danger and opportunity. While there are many things there that want to eat you, there is much there to help you learn about yourself. Come join us March 31-April 2 for Douglas Brooks’ stories of the gods’ and goddesses’ love, betrayal, and reconciliation—stories that also will speak to your own life. Details and registration here. Register by March 11 and save $20 on the weekend.

Go With Your Flow Feb. 25

For many of us gals, our period can bring discomfort, cramping, bloating, fatigue, or even physical and mental tension. If we’re tired and crampy, maybe a gentler approach to practice is a wiser choice. Join Shakti teacher Lisa February 25 for a restorative sequence of poses that you can incorporate into your practice to support a healthy period each month. Need not be on your period to attend! Details and registration here. We will also be collecting female care products … Read More

Christina Sell Returns January 28-29

Registration is open now for the full weekend and single sessions with Christina Sell. The format has changed slightly from previous years, she’ll be here for two sessions Saturday and two Sunday, January 28-29, and we’ll be back at Des Moines On Stage again on Grand Avenue. If you haven’t made it to one of Christina Sell’s previous visits to Des Moines, don’t miss it this year! Here’s a taste of her teaching (and humor) from her YouTube channel: Visit … Read More