about our classes.

Classes at Shakti typically include a variety of thoughtfully and purposefully sequenced poses. Every class is different depending on the aim of the teacher. We explore level appropriate poses that may include standing poses, forward bends, twists, backbends, arm balances, inversions and restoratives. You’ll likely experiment with props­­—blocks, straps and blankets, and the wall­—to make poses more accessible or to create awareness.

You can expect open conversation, skillful instruction and adjustments, all delivered with honesty and humor by caring teachers who know their students well. We hope to see you in class soon.

Level 1

If you are newer to yoga, want to learn alignment, or just prefer to move at a slightly slower pace, start here. You will learn and practice a full range of poses—standing, seated, and basic inversions—in a thoughtfully sequenced class. Your teacher will offer hands-on assistance as well as clear cuing to help you gain a better understanding of each pose. If you’ve never practiced at Shakti before, this is a great place to start regardless of experience.

Level 1 & 2

This moderately paced class is designed to refine and advance your practice. Your teachers will break down more complex poses and concepts in a fun and accessible way. Expect hard work, hands-on adjustments, pose demos, occasional partner work, awareness, and humor. In a Level 1/2 Practice class, your teacher will practice along side you.


Need to take it easy? In this low intensity class we work in slow and easy going manner. We will gently stretch and strengthen as we work on foundation, integration and overall body awareness.

Rise & Shine

Start your day with a slow flow. All levels are welcome to this one hour class where the focus is on breath, waking up the body and feeling good.


Join us for a great class at a special rate of only $10. All are welcome.


This is a slow moving class where poses are held for longer periods of time in order to restore and rejuvenate body and mind. We implement props such as blocks, blankets, belts and chairs to support the body. Although this class is slow, it is deep. Experience is not necessary, but recommended. Restoratives are offered the second and last Sunday of each month at 4pm.