Beginners Workshop October 7 & 8

Join Shakti teachers Martha & Becky October 7 and 8 from 1-3pm for a Beginner’s Yoga Weekend Workshop specially geared towards the beginner student 50 and older. Whether you are able-bodied but cautious, or have mobility and flexibility limitations, this introduction will move at a pace for you. In this series you’ll be provided with a basic foundation in the practice of yoga that will allow you to comfortably join our regular classes and kickstart your journey to rebalance your body and calm your mind.

You’ll learn how to move through many fundamental yoga postures with a focus on body positioning and alignment–incorporating props along the way to explore enhancing your practice regardless of physical limitations. In addition to movement you’ll learn how to breathe in a way that will support you in your practice. We’ll also dedicate time to discuss your beginner-related questions.

Register on our events page.

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