elissa cirignotta

I am a change maker, dreamer, forever traveler, writer, lover. I believe we are all creative beings who can live happy, productive, and abundant lives. To me, movement & breath is freedom. It is the journey, and the practice, of returning to the most peaceful, blissful, joyous space within. It’s connection. Connection to self, to others, to joy, to source, to our divine nature. Yoga helps me remember my true essence, one of love, kindness, non-judgment, and compassion. I teach and practice yoga because it brings me great joy.

My intention is to create a safe space that promotes playful movement, happiness, and healing; for it is through self healing that we will find global transformation. I try to create thoughtful and creative yoga flows that allow others to find balance, move with intelligent & intuitive alignment, develop and understand their own unique strength, improve flexibility of body and mind, and honor breath in each moment.

I believe that yoga is an internal practice… filled with adventure, exploration, transformation, and joy.

I’m excited to know you.