about shakti.

The Shakti you find today at the The Shops at Roosevelt is an ever emerging collaboration around the love of yoga. It began in a little house in Valley Junction where in 2000 I opened Yoga on 5th. All I really hoped for at that time was to have a space to share yoga with students who wanted to learn. Yoga on 5th became Shakti Yoga in 2008 and as we continue to evolve as a seasoned collective of teachers and students my aim has not much changed. I still want to hold a space for us to come together in the pursuit of yoga.

who we are

One of my teachers says, “You are the company you keep, so keep good company.” We do this here. At Shakti you will find teachers who are caring, well trained and love what they do. We take yoga seriously in the sense that as teachers, we are first, students of yoga. The staff has accumulated thousands of hours of training so that we can offer depth, clarity and understanding to our students.

what we teach

People ask all the time what kind of yoga we teach. My simple answer is hatha yoga and a more precise answer might be modern postural yoga. At Shakti we do poses and we focus on alignment. Meditation and Pranayama are sometimes offered. Every class is different based on the aim of the teacher. So it is difficult to say how hard a class might be or at what pace it might be taught. We tend to work smart, offer plenty of challenge and insight, and we do not move fast. We appreciate that yoga is about relationship and that asana is a practice to cultivate body, breath and awareness, and if you move too fast you miss the good stuff.

why we teach

We love what we do. We love the practice of yoga and the profound effect it has had on each of our lives. We love the opportunity to share that with you.

Another thought from a favorite teacher, “There is always more.” Yoga opens us to explore more. Yoga allows us to lean into our fears more. Yoga lets us love life more. We hope you join us to see what that more might be for you.

Brette Berlin Scott

Owner, Shakti Yoga Des Moines

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